ARTicle #6- 10/07/18

Boy do I have some doozies this week. It was a unique week in general, but specifically for the creative world, and I think some of these gems will change history... or maybe I'm just thinking of the US Senate. 

Onto this week's ARTicle.

Giving Up My Sources

Ever wonder where I get all these wonderful stories that I share with you? Start Here. (Now aren't you glad I do all the hard work for you?)

Work With What You Got

I LOOOOOOOOVVVVVVEEEEE Coffee. I probably drink too much, and I know I spend too much on it, especially when I'm hanging out at nifty, high-concept, coffee shops in my town, but I've made a pledge for October to not spend any money on solo trips to eateries or coffee shops. I want to see how much money I save by making all my lunches at home, and drinking only the coffee I can make with the tools I have. 

The biggest problem with this plan is that I often use the coffee shop to escape the homestead, and actually get some work done. I guess the library has my name on it. 

  • Wouldn't you know it though, the day I decide to start is the exact day my coffee grinder decided to quit on me. Amazon Prime came in REAL handy today. 

I put a spell on you

My wife and I went to a theme party this weekend for a family friend's 75th birthday. The theme was 50s sock hop, which is something I'm not too familiar with, so my costume was pretty lame (a black t-shirt with rolled up jeans). However, there was karaoke, which is something I'm not afraid to do, and in front of dozens of strangers, I got up and sang the most appropriate song I could think of from that generation. I'm not sure I put in quite the effort that this guy did, but you get a general idea.

Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response

And you thought ASMR was just something Millennial kids said, like WOKE and THOT, but nope, it's a scientific reference that basically means things that give you a strange feeling of satisfaction. For instance: like watching a man polish a rusty Japanese knife for 12 minutes until it shimmers, making it so sharp even the air bleeds when its cut through. (You can skill the last 2 minutes where he cuts up various sponges and towels—not so much ASMR, KWIM?)

Make Stuff—Get Found

It's soon approaching that season where every other lifestyle blog post is a gift guide for whatever holiday is quickly approaching. If you make stuff that you hopefully want to sell lots of this holiday season, then you may want to make yourself more Gift-Guide-able by following these 3 simple steps shared by a woman who makes LOTS of gift guides.

Take a Closer Look

There's nothing I can say to adequately express the mind-blowing details of Thomas Deininger's art assemblages. You just have to see them for yourself.

The greatest artist of our generation

Is Banksy the world's best prankster? At least in the art world, he must be, and his latest stunt definitely tops the charts. One of his pieces was sold at a Sotheby's auction for nearly $1.4 million. At the close of auction, Banksy had the last laugh. My wife thinks it's probably more valuable now than before.

You can't be contemporary if you're dead

You know what bothers me almost as much as when people refer to typefaces as fonts? It's when people call something, "modern," what they really mean is contemporary, but now we can finally put that argument to bed. 

PS - A typeface is a collection of letters, numbers, and glyphs with varied weights and styles. A font is a single iteration of a typeface (think BOLD, oblique, or particular size).


That's it for this one. Have a great week, and remember...

Be good today,

and be even better tomorrow.