ARTicle #7 - 10/14/18


Sorry to kick this one off on a somewhat somber note, but I have a special request. 

You know our friend Adam, who has joined me on the podcast several times now? Well, part of the reason that Adam hasn't been able to come on as often lately is because he's been helping his wife Rochelle deal with some traumatic news. She was diagnosed with fairly severe breast cancer and they are doing all they can to fight it. 

The American healthcare system being what it is (complete and total crap), they need a bit of a boost. Despite being insured, they amount of money that they will still have to come out of pocket to afford treatment is almost scary for someone who just bought a home a little more than a year ago. 

So they've started a GoFundMe, and it's going really well, but as anyone knows who has been through these kinds of situations, the amount they need now could dramatically change, depending on the voracity of the cancer. To combat that possibility, I want to ask you for the biggest favor ever, and step up for a complete stranger. If there's any way you can help out our friends Adam and Rochelle, please do. 

Now, on with more trivial items in this week's ARTicle

Setting precedent

It's entirely possible that what happens in the world of art and design has so little significance, that it shouldn't register on the importance level of things like, oh, I don't know, civil rights. However, there are times when it's vitally important to understand when to stand up and pay attention to legal matters in the art world, such as who does art belong to if it's placed in a public forum. 

  • That said, you should also be careful which ruthless dictators you oppose with your art movements.

Safe & Secure

If you ignore the copy on the blog post and just watch the video, you'll be treated to a short, few moments of happiness, and not feel like you're part of a target market. Of course, if you're like me, you're skeptical and feel like you're being marketed to, but when the video ends, and you realize there were no commercials aspects, you find yourself wanting to know who was responsible for this work of art. 

  • There are right ways to market your company through video, and then there are questionable ways.

Conformational Bias

After sharing the story last time, the art world practically blew up about the shredded Banksy prank. I knew from the start that this was Banksy's statement about the ludicrousy of the art world, but leave it to Vox to more eloquently state why Banksy does what he does. 

Make Art—Stop Hate

I get a little bit political at times, perhaps to my detriment, but when it comes to people being persecuted, I get too passionate to contain myself. I wish more like street artist CIBO, who uses his creative ability to turn hate into love... of pasta!

My podcast is great, but...

It's only going to keep you occupied for a small portion of your week. If you want some other retail-oriented podcast goodness, here's a few more shows. I listen to some of these but will be looking into the others. 

Visualize This

So it might seem weird, and a bit difficult to imagine how a podcast can discuss the details of tangible items like magazines, but you'd be wrong about that. Ok, it might still be weird, but it's not difficult. MagCulture, Monocle:24, and Stack all do pretty good jobs of it. If you like magazines like I like magazines, then you will appreciate these gems.

Revisionist History

You know, what we really need is a story of a genius, female artist who was shoved aside by the art establishment, and replaced in the industry news outlets by stories of men who came after, doing the same thing the woman had done... said no woman ever. 


That's it for this one. Remember, be good today, and be even better tomorrow.