ARTicle #5 - 09/30/18


I asked a few ARTicle subscribers some questions on the newsletter, and what they think I could do different or better. Artist and clothing designer M.E. Stolner said I should include some imagery. So from now on, you're going to get some sort of art with each publication. Better have your images turned on to see it though.

Hanging with Warhol in Cars

One of my favorite things to do is search Amazon Prime for art documentaries—I'm rarely successful anymore because I've seen them all. If only there was a place where I could sit comfortably, in my own private space, and watch art movies while other people are finding excuses to hop in the back seat of their cars.

The Tiniest, Happy-Face Sunflower Cries for Him

I love artists who take big risks and change the game. I do not like multi-millionaire whiners.

Like a Real-Life Aha Video

If I ever find myself in Seoul, I'm going to this cafe, provided I'm thin enough to fit through the 2-dimensional doorway.

It All Makes Sense Now

When I was young, Hokusai's great wave was the first art piece I truly fell in love with. Years later, I'm looking at a traveling exhibition of Van Gogh's work, and I'm inextricably drawn to it, especially Starry Night. Even though I knew Van Gogh spent a lot of time in Japan and was deeply affected by what he saw there, why would I ever consider there to be a correlation between the two masters?

Paint All Over My Face

This week was a tempestuous one in terms of the relationship between men and women in this country. I have been trying to show as much support as I can, but it gives me an uneasy feeling because I know that I am just as responsible for what happened this week as Brett Kavanaugh. When I was young, I made the inappropriate comments. I looked the other way when men took advantage of women. I pushed myself on girls who I thought were "into it," but were probably just too frightened to say otherwise.

As a teen and 20-something man, I was an asshole. I deserve as much condemnation as Kavanaugh, but since I am not on the world's stage, I feel it's my duty to pay penance, and the best way I know to do that is to admit my asshole behavior, and then do my very best to make sure that my young son knows to not ever treat women the way I did.

This story and graphic really tell a tale, but I have a feeling that many of the "blank" faces in this probably should have more ink on them, but the guys are too embarrassed to admit or are in complete denial.

It's NOT a Font—It’s a Typeface

Considering a career in graphic design? Do everything you can to become good with typography. Want to learn more about typography? Watch and rewatch this video that pretty much nails the concept in just under four minutes.


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