theARTicle #10 - 11/4/18


A short list this week, mostly because I watched a few documentaries about the art industry, and it made me a little salty for sharing. Still, there are juicy bits to be shared, and I present them to you today. Welcome to theARTicle.

The mooing of sacred cows

I have some strong opinions about the art industry, some of which get expressed in this coming week's episode of Art Lessons podcast, which is an ironic statement to the link I'm about to drop. Apparently, major galleries are getting in on the podcast game in order to further proliferate their opinions about why you should be spending 10x on art than you already do now (which for me, makes the math at about $100). 

Do you, boo

“…When I write a good story…we can understand each other if you are a reader and I’m a writer. There is a special secret passage between us, and we can send a message to each other. So I think (writing good stories) is a way I can contribute to society or people in the world.” When Haruki Murakami was plagued with concern about how to help a distraught society, he realized the best answer was to do more of the work he was meant to do, and he thinks you should do the same.

No words, just lines

Back in 2006, a physics application called Line Rider took the Internet by storm, and soon people were making amazing videos of stunt-filled acrobatics, some took it a step further by adding fun soundtracks, but then there's DoodleChaos. It's been years since I saw a Line Rider video, but it's obvious DoodleChaos has spent that time perfecting the craft.

Splitting image

Denise Huxtable (Lisa Bonet) was one of my first teen crushes; a young, vivacious black woman with a flair for the bold. My crush was heavily cemented by her, at the time, risqué, nude appearance on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine. Jump ahead 30 years, and her near-doppelgänger daughter has recreated the famous shot—the side by side is uncanny.

Raiding my son's stash

Each month, It's Nice That has this thing called the Monthly Brief where they allow some creative person to come up with a project for the readership. This time around Abbie Freeman was the guest, and she asked everyone to break out their Crayola's to remake a classic design. I'm thinking about doing this—maybe a recreation of the NYC Transit subway map originally by Massimo Vignelli

Everyone is cooler than us

When I took a trip to Europe with my family a few years back, I couldn't help but note all the similarities and differences to our American life. One thing that Europeans treat vastly different is their money—the Euro is so much cooler than our dollars in the states (IMHO). Now Norway has stepped up their game, making the Euro look like yesterday's tired marks.


Podcast: Adam and I get deep on lots of things... and actually talk about some creative stuff at some point.

Blog: Can we be more awesome to each other? 

Instagram: I went on a bit of a tirad about the art market on my Instastories. I saved it for you. 


That's it for this edition of theARTicle. I hope you enjoyed it, and if so, please share it with your friends. Forward the email directly, or pass along this very important link: (I need to make that easier—next time).

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