Two roads merged in a yellow wood


I’m an artist – I’m a designer – I’m a story teller

The original version of this post as a lot longer, and not necessarily for the better. Let me give you the gist instead.

Society wants us to make sure our lives stay in well-defined boxes. This part of your life goes in Box A, this other part goes in Box B, and the rest ends up in Box C, D, or others.

I made some decisions over the last year to move my boxes around a lot, putting my art in one place, my design in another, and my stories everywhere but not together. I did this because it’s been shoved down my throat that this is the common practice, because onlookers need to identify you by your neat and tidy boxes. None of it felt right though.

Even though I was the source for all the creative work, I felt disconnected to everything. It didn’t help that I chose to maintain separate social media profiles for all my things, which meant spending almost more time posting on my different accounts than doing the actual work.

This all changes effective immediately. In a rash and wide-sweeping decision, I will be moving all of my work here to My art will be here, my design work will be here, and anything that has my name attached to it in some fashion will exist in this space.

Of course some of it will exist in other spaces too, like the podcast on iTunes, or my books on Amazon, but they will be here in this space first.

That starts today. Stay tuned for lots of updates.