theARTicle #11


It's no secret that the art world is a bit of a tough nut to crack, and that seems to be the sentiment in today's offering, literally from end to end. 

Welcome to theARTicle.


Well, I'm screwed

As I've been asserting lately, if you don't get in with the most prominent people in the art world from an early start, you probably won't get in. Bummer, unless you're Carmen Herrera.

Time for a new strategy

With the end of the year quickly coming around the bend (and Christmas hitting us in the face already), perhaps it's time for a rethink on our current strategies. I have a laundry list of ideas that I'm about ready to take action on, but first a little light reading on how simple, long-game strategies can help turn things around in 2019. 

You're a naked weirdo

During the 90s, I spent a few years in Austin, TX. Back then there was an unofficial theme to Austin, "Keep Austin Weird." Which stems from the fact that Austin during the 70s and 80s was basically a hippy commune the middle of a vast sea of Redneckvilles. Austin was weird to me because I came from a relatively similar redneckville called Orange County, CA. The jump from Orange County to Austin was so shocking, I almost fell off my horse that they gave me at the Texas border, but I learned to love that city (the weather, not so much). Although I still have moments of stick-up-my-butt-orange-county-itus when I see people with dreadlocks or smelling of patchouli oil, I've learned to appreciate diversity more as my years go on. I even have learned to appreciate JP Sears' humor (note: This video is not meant to be as funny as most).


Last year I did a series of 100 illustrated portraits. Some were good, and a few were really nice, but most were just meh. I openly admit that painting faces are not my forte, but I can really get with Joseph Lee's portrait style. Maybe this is how I should tackle all of my projects that normally require a more delicate and precise hand. 

For asymmetric areas

We have original hardwood floors in our nearly 100-year old home, which sounds appealing, except for your butt and your knees. The only soft flooring in the house was my son's room, but we recently abandoned his area rug because it had taken on one too many spills, tears, and other sorts of destruction. He enjoys his playtime without the need for padded knees, but perhaps this time we get a bit more adventurous with our rug choices. 

Bring that hotness over here!

One of my favorite websites is []( (big surprise), a British born organization based out of magazine shop in London. Being the most prominent steward of magazine information, they also have a twice-yearly conference called ModMag, also hosted in London, with one that just happened last month. I really wish they would bring that show here, but until then, I'll have to be satisfied with the post-show rundowns. 

The definitive road trip playlist

Holidays are coming, which means holiday travel. Maybe that's just to the next town, or it could be across the country. For me, if I'm traveling, I'm listening to music, and if I'm also needing a map while I drive. Well, a group called *Dorothy* just created the best of both worlds—a map of the country made of songs. 


Art Lessons Podcast - A good conversation with artist Dave Clark about the current state of making it. 


That's gonna do it for this one folks. 

Remember, be good today,

And be even better tomorrow.