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This week is going to be a little shorter than normal because instead of looking up links, I spent a lot of time writing. I wrote about the end of your life scenarios, I wrote about how I'm bringing my worlds closer together, and I wrote about how I'm writing more. 

As my good friend Steph says, when it comes to following sudden inspiration, "Run with it." Actually, she said it more like, "Ruuuuuunnn with it!" Or something like that, but you get the point. 

If you want to read any (or all) of those pieces, the links will be down below in the Selfies section. Until you get there though, here are some other things to read.

Welcome to theARTicle

"Simplicity and repose are the qualities that measure the true value of any work of art." - Frank Lloyd Wright

Yeah, but what about the water

I've driven through Flint, Michigan (a suburb of Detroit) only once, and at the time, that would have been enough. That was 15 years ago, and even back then, the city was in a serious state of despair. Despite the widespread blight throughout the city, one woman was determined to bring a more positive light to Flint by making public art more available to the residents and wayward travelers who somehow found themselves off the Interstate.

You make how much?

I want to give a shout out to my friend Laura Belgray because of some attention she got recently for a post she wrote making it as a successful freelance copywriter (short story: $950 per hour). There's obviously more to the story, and you should read this Vox interview with her on the topic, but more importantly, follow her Instagram, because she's hilarious.


That's going to do it for this week.

Hope you had a great holiday, if you celebrated Thanksgiving, but if not, I hope you didn’t trample anyone on Black Friday.

Be good today.

Be even better tomorrow. 



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