It's coming


I've been talking about publishing my own magazine for so long, I'm certain many are getting tired of the talk and are ready for some results. Well, I can tell you for certain that those results are coming very soon.

If all goes as planned, I hope to have the first copies of Substrate Magazine v0.1 in my hands by Thursday afternoon, to which everyone can rejoice in its 16-page, full-color splendor.

Why only 16 pages?

I know that doesn't seem like much of an actual magazine, but what I'm referring to as a micro-issue is a test subject for what will be the future, full-size magazine. This one is a proof of concept because I have a specific idea for the way the magazine will layout from issue to issue, and I didn't want to jump into that process without a test case first.

I'm also testing physical attributes, such as sizing, paper quality, and printing styles. This issue will be 6x9 inches, on 70 lb. uncoated stock, which may or may not work for the graphically oriented design of the mag.

I'll test and tune, readjusting ideals for the next issue, and hopefully be honed in enough to deliver a high-quality magazine that people are compelled to read and keep.

I'm also going to be limiting this issue to 100 copies, so if you want to get your hands on them, make sure to be the first in line. I will update here on the blog, and in the newsletter, when Substrate is available.

Stay tuned.