The constant gardener

How do you grow a prize-winning rose garden?

First, you start by planting quality seeds into good soil and manure. In other words, for a rose to grow into one of the most beautiful things on the planet, it must first get dirty and push its way through layers of shit.

Once the seedling hits the open air, it needs careful attention, with just the right amount of water and sunshine. It's guided, sometimes with restraint, and other times left free to roam.

Often, the bush gets too cluttered and must be pruned back to give the rose room to move. If it's surrounded by too many other blooms, none of them grow well, so the gardener must be choosy about which buds they allow to flourish, and which must be discarded.

And if they wish to maintain the best roses possible, the gardener must do this daily; pile more manure, more water and sunshine, more restraint, and more pruning.

Here's the rub: While the gardener is doing all the work, the individual who gets credit for the best roses is the property owner. The gardener doesn't care about the award though, because the real prize is being able to work with beauty every single day.


Sidebar: When I wrote that first question above, my initial thought was that it's a bit silly that we give awards for rose gardens, but I checked myself.

Reconsidering it, in a world where there are plenty of awards given out for things that don't benefit humanity; it's nice that we give out awards to people who made the world a bit more beautiful.