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I've been writing a lot, like every single day (see the Selfies section below to see what I mean), and it's been both a blast and a challenge. It's not so much a daily challenge as it is a daily practice. There's something about writing that helps kickstart my creativity, but I had gotten away from it for quite a while. I give all the credit to theARTicle.

Comedians on Canvases

Jerry Seinfeld, Jim Carrey, and now Billy Connolly—is the natural progression of aging comedians to become artists, propped up only by the fame from their previous lives? I'm not here to judge Connolly's art, but this is just another story of how it takes money to make money in the art world. 

Creative soul is in the shoes

I haven't seen the Vincent Van Gogh biopic, At Eternity's Gate yet, but it's on my short list of "definitely will stream" when it comes to Amazon Prime, for one reason only: Willem Dafoe. He definitely ranks high on my favorites actors list, mostly because of his humble appreciation of other artists. As wack-a-doo as Dafoe can be in his films, he's possibly one of the most endearing characters in real life. 

Kill you to save you

Contemporary prank artist, Ron English just paid a boatload of money to buy a Banksy mural for the sole purpose of painting over it [insert blinky-eye emoji]. The only thing more surprising than that news is realizing Ron English is a baller.  

Seeing our graphic future

Want to know what's going to be filling up your Instagram feeds in 2019? It'll be bright colors, bold fonts, and me standing there with two middle fingers pointed directly at the prognosticators, because I do what I want. 

  • For $29, Mashable says you too can be a designer.

Creative success requires friends

I have a blog post that I'm noodling away on in the background, and it has to do with the idea that us creative people, no matter how much we want to just hole ourselves up and make stuff in our dark caves, that we make better stuff when we physically connect with others. A few times a month, I hang out with my friend Adam, and we talk about nonsense, but it's arguably the most important time I spend as an artist. The Washington Post agrees.  

Mercury, the greatest in the universe

There's this small team of researchers who had nothing better to do apparently, so they decided to find out if Freddie Mercury was the greatest vocalist of all time. If they had just called me, I would have saved them all that research money, because of course, Freddie is the best ever. 

Kid the Wiz

If you've spent any time on Facebook, you've probably been privy to at least one post shared by Unilad, and if that as the case, it probably had an almost viral nature to it, as was the situation when I shared a post of some subway dancers. I watched that video several times in a row before posting it to my own feed, and each time I got a new notification on my shared post, I watched the video again. It was an infectious video, and now I want to spread the infection, but instead of just one video, you get dozens. 


That's it for this time around, but I want to extend an offer to you. If you happen across a story, blog post, video, or something else interesting that you feel fits in the confines of theARTicle, please feel free to send it my way. I'd love to share it, and will of course give credit to you for sharing. 

Have a great week, and remember...

Be good today

Be even better tomorrow



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