I feel lighter already

One day I will find the right words, and they will be simple.
— Jack Kerouac

The writing this week is going to be light.

Light is an interesting word choice, but I'll get to that in a moment.

The reason the writing will be light is that I've set aside some goals to achieve before 2019 hits us in the face with a frying pan. This week is all about some serious due diligence to get more items up on my site and onto Etsy. Unfortunately, each listing takes time, and since I have quite a few of them to finish, I need to be diligent about it; focused.

So yes, the words will be light, both in quantity and in luminance.

I got a comment on my Patreon page the other day from someone who decided to stop being a patron. Their sentiment implied that the person thought going in that what would be shared on Patreon would be similar to the work I was doing before, and since it wasn't, they weren't as inclined to be part of it.

Nothing wrong with that, and I don't mind that the person chose to leave because they didn't connect with the content, but it did make me think about the difference between what I was sharing years ago compared to what I'm sharing today.

The difference was in the type of light I shine on creativity.

Most of what I share today is a light above my own process, the work, and all the things I'm doing. The light I tried to share before was at the end of a tunnel, giving people more of something to look toward.

The problem with only showing the light on where I'm at right now, that doesn't show the path ahead.

The problem with the light at the end of a tunnel is that if you only focus on that, you might trip over what's right at your feet.

So we split our duties now, between lighting the path that's fret with obstacles and being a beacon for others to look toward in hope and inspiration.

Show the path. Show the target. Show the path. Show the target.

I'm here to entertain.

I'm here to educate if I can.

And I'm here to inspire whenever possible.

But right now, I have a mountain of listings to post, so the candles will have to wait for a bit. Let's get to work.