Shift Happens

I've had this urge for awhile now to make my online presence more minimalist in appearance. That sounds a bit ridiculous since I've spent the majority of the past few years trying to be everywhere I can, as often as I can.

Since turning my focus toward my work at Tiger Hero, my traditional art has taken a back seat. I'm still making it, just not as quickly and up front as before. The art serves a purpose, as do all my creative pursuits, but the art's purpose has taken a back seat to other things.

This new site allows for more clarity, some breathing room for what I'm doing next, I thought it was important to make this site super simple in nature, getting back to my roots of creating content, and letting the words on the page speak for themselves.

The art is still being made, and is still available for purchase, just not directly on this site. Maybe that will change again in the future. For now, this new framework provides the airspace needed for bigger ideas, and feels like a fresh new skin already.