"10 Things" needs a new name

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Ok, here you go... 10 Things you need in your life today.

5 Seconds to Act

I started reading a new book called the 5 Second Rule by Mel Robbins, and despite it's painfully simple concept, so simple it's almost ridiculous, I have instantly shifted my mindset on what it means to take action on this. You now have 5 seconds to decide if you want to know more about it. 5..4..3..2..1..GO!

Run the Jewels? Nah, run the board!

He is one of Hip Hop's most lyrical artists. He was also one of Bernie Sanders' strongest evangelists. Now he's taken up new shop inside Atlanta's High Museum of Art.

In the words of another hip hop great, "Picasso, baby!"

Yaasss Queen

A lot of people this week are paying their respects to the late Aretha Franklin, most of whom have widdled her down to being just a music icon, but Ms. Franklin was so much more than that. Carol Hooper, for the Village Voice, nailed what the Queen of Soul meant to this world.

Self Promo Time

Maybe you knew, and maybe you didn't, but I started this new project where I'm helping feed young designers and bootstrapping entrepreneurs by giving them inexpensive tools to help them do their work—namely design template for Adobe InDesign. My new magazine template is called Vivant, and it's geared toward adventurous foodies, but lets be honest; this template works just as well for guns and ammo types too (or whatever niche you are enthused about).

Make It, Then Break It

Ok, so if you are bold enough to want to start your own indie zine, but have a limited knowledge on how page design works, then you're gonna want some education on the subject. Making and Breaking the Grid is by far one of the most important design books ever mad, IMHO.

Planting Colorful Seeds

Another valuable resource for art and design projects is having a bounty of color palette choices at your disposal. Years ago, I stumbled across Design Seeds, and was impressed by how they took an extremely niche idea, and built a business around it. I'm happy to see how they've flourished.

Creative Inspiration Takes Many Forms

I'm sure I've eluded to my pension for old school punk rock (I'm not talking about Blink 182), and even though I've seen dozens of documentaries and movies on the subject, I can't seem to get enough. So when I found out this past weekend that American Hardcore was available for free on Amazon Prime Video, I had my late Sunday evening booked.

// Link to watch it free online if you don't have Prime //

Introspective AF

Ok, I promise, after this last one, I will not beat myself up anymore about all the things I've done wrong lately, but in a moment of clarity, courtesy of Humble the Poet, I realized something about what I was doing, compared to what I'm doing now.

Sad Trombone of the Week

Ok, this probably won't be a thing, because I don't like focusing on downfall, but in a weird moment of schadenfreude, I was a bit too happy that the unrepentant Kevin Spacey is getting his just deserts.