I'm breathing easier now

If you listened to that episode, you'll know that I was dealing with some gremlins recently, or as my friend Steph tells me; Mercury was pulling some serious retrograde action.

I don't particularly subscribe to the idea of planetary alignment and how it affects our personal lives, but since things were a bit wonky there for a minute, I'm ok with the reference.

Thankfully the bad juju was temporary, and I moved into a state of extreme productivity. To give you some idea of what that means, these are the things I've been working just this past week alone.

  • Officially launched my new project, Tiger Hero Media, where I'm making digital downloadable elements to help other creative people do their own design thing.
  • Finished a 36-page magazine template called Vivant, geared toward adventurous foodies, which will launch in the coming week.
  • I'm rebuilding DaveConrey.com, giving it a radical, yet minimalist new look and feel. Here's a sneak peek (this is blatantly obvious, because you're here, seeing it first hand, but still).
  • Developed a comprehensive restructuring plan of how I serve up all my creative output, from my art and designs, to podcasts, videos, and writing projects.
  • Made some art
  • Sold some art

Things are looking up, and instead of feeling overwhelmed by all the big plans, I'm energized and eager to push forward. Even at this exact moment, I'm writing this in a coffee shop with my wife lingering over my shoulder when I'm going to stop typing, but apologies to her, but I can't quit you.

I want to talk more about why I'm making these shifts soon, but I didn't want to overwhelm you with another massive read. You've got stuff to do, and this is never supposed to be a burden on you.

In fact, I want to help people as much as I can, which is one of the big reasons that things are changing.

This ain't just about me anymore. This is about us, and how we're gonna take over the world!


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