And the winner is...

Last week I asked you all to help me pick a new name for this newsletter, and plenty of you joined the conversation. I want to give a big thanks to all who participated. You came up with some pretty creative names, but there can only be one winner.

And that winner is me.

Ok, that was kinda lame, but I mean it when I say there really were some interesting and creative names dropped by you all. However, none of them hit me quite in the right place. I did have a moment of inspiration though, and I came up with my own new name for the newsletter… which you're going to have to wait until next week to find out what it is.

Also lame, but I want to get my logo graphics in check before I talk about it, and I haven't done that yet, but it's coming soon.

Productive AF

I've been digging deeper into the Notion productivity app, trying to find a better way to organize my projects, and my time, all in one place. Looking back on my old process, and I was a hot mess, but not now. I had some help though, in the form of a British Italian tech head name Francesco d'Alessio. He produces a boatload of videos around the topic of productivity software and really knows his topic. The only thing keeping me from watching all his videos is this incessant desire to stay on task.

Business AF

My new YouTube obsession is a Chris Do, the Executive Creative Director of Blind Studios in Santa Monica, CA. He also has a side project called The Futur, where he provides a crap load of content around the idea of building a creative services business. My particular favorite is this short series where he helps mentor a young designer and grow her fledgling design business into something far greater than she probably would have imagined. There's just something about the clever way the Chris talks about business that gets my ears to stand up.

Speaking of Clever

Ok, so this week is all about media consumption, and as much as I have enjoyed all these videos and podcasts I've been consuming, I an not recommending that you do the same. That said, I do have a new favorite podcast to listen to called Clever, which is put out by two enterprising women designers, Jaime Derringer and Amy Devers. They talk with all kinds of A-list creative peeps but keep the conversations light, yet still packing a punch on value.

People call him "Fred'

If there was ever a highly-engineered piece of machinery that could also emulate a work of modern sculptural art, it's this bad-ass Indian made by NASA engineer, Alfredo "Fred" Juarez. I don't ride bikes anymore (my wife would kill me if the bike didn't first), but if I did, I would want it to be something as beautiful and clean as this beast.

The Great Detective Requires Great Architecture

It's often argued that The Dark Knight is the greatest superhero movie created. People contend that it's because of Christopher Nolan's artistic genius, or Heath Ledger's command performance as The Joker, but what if the real reason it's so good isn't that of who, but where.

DMC lays down the WTF

Darryl "DMC" McDaniels was asked by Double Down News to talk about what he feels is wrong with Hip Hop culture today. The 1st-Gen legend has always been known to give the straight dope on his opinions, and this one does not disappoint.


    Instead of interjecting my own stuff into the normal parts of the list, I'm going to separate them here in the Selfies section. You bypass if you want, or jump right to it, but I won't be interrupting the regular programming for my self-promos.

    One last note before I go. I'm going to be moving this newsletter from Mondays to Sundays starting this next week, so be prepared to get it a day early.

    That's it for this one. Have a great week