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Yep, there it is, the new name. What do you think? Go on, give me your thoughts. Better yet, I'll give you mine.

I originally was going to explain the thoughts behind the name and the design, but I think I'd rather hear what you have to say about it. Comment on this post to share your thoughts... after you read it, of course.

Without delay, I submit for your perusal, the deconstruction of the Dave Conrey newsletter, and introduction of, theARTicle.

Gig-ity gig-ity

This past week on the podcast, Adam and I touched on the idea of how the gig economy is changing the way we operate, and how we consume. We talk about the proliferation of city bikes and scooters are becoming both a new resource and a bane for city dwellers. Turns out Uber is doubling down on that idea. It also means that Adam and I will be expanding on this topic, I'm sure.

F**k Harvard, I want to learn something

As a parent of a young one, I find myself already looking to his eventual future, most specifically, what professional path will he choose, and how will he choose to be trained in his chosen profession? Perhaps we'll be able to save a grip of cash if he, like so many others now, decides on a vocational path instead of Harvard or Stanford (un-wishful thinking).

With all due respect

Looking back on some vintage advertising, it's amazing how far we've come when it comes to how we talk about others.

... and how far we still have to go.

Looking beyond John McCain

He was a polarizing figure, and there will be some who do not like that we glorify some of his actions—I am typically one of them, because I did not agree with most of his politics. However, I'm not sharing this to argue about his actions. I sharing this to give grace to the last, heartfelt words of a man who served this country far greater than you and I ever will.

It's ALWAYS who you know

Plain and simple, the success of your brand may depend more on the people you know, than the people you haven't met yet.

This is NOT a promo for BestBuy

I mean, yes, it literally is, but it's much more than that. This is the bellwether of companies who are finally getting they need to stop thinking about themselves as a retail company, and look at themselves as a media company.

Pain is not the enemy—it's your call to greatness

I was randomly reminded about a classic piece of prose, The Iron by Henry Rollins, frontman of Black Flag, and The Rollins Band. The piece is about how weightlifting changed his life, but if you think it's really about lifting weights, then you're Thirsty and Miserable.

She's such a diva

In the theme of "kids reacting to stuff, here's a fun video of some kids meeting an opera diva, but the kids are not the only ones affected by the interaction. The 5:38 mark is worth the entire time spent watching.

Visual Stimulus

Let's wrap this up with a little visual satisfaction: Here, Here, and Here


That's it for this one. Have a great week, and remember...

Be good today,

and be even better tomorrow.