No, you're not crazy

That's the headline for tomorrow's edition which I decided to send out on Monday instead of Sunday, because I want to experiment with sending it out on a different day of the week just to see if that has any effect on how many people open it.  Don't think about it as getting it a day late—think about it as you're getting it 6 days early!

On that note, my dear test subjects, I present you theARTicle

Kicking creative block in the face

I was suffering from a small bit of creative block recently. Do you know what helps me cure creative block? Ritual. Do you know what helps me create ritual? Getting off my proverbial, lazy-ass and doing the work that's necessary. Oh, and Pinterest! Pinterest helps too. 

Your Iinner critic is a big jerk

I've been a fan of artist and curator Danielle Krysa (aka @thejealouscurator) for some time now, first because of her distinct taste in the types of art and artists she shares on her blog, but also because of her own creative output. A few years ago, she wrote a book, which I didn't feel like I needed at the time, but I decided to pick up recently, and I'm happy I did. Her sharp wit and no-nonsense approach to dealing with self-doubt are just what my creative block needed. 

64 shots of 2018

It seems like every single website that even marginally deals with creative pursuits has put out a "Best of 2018" for photography. I've seen so many more undersaturated pictures of Gen-Z hipsters standing next to neon lights than I care to discuss. That said, BOOOOOOOM's compilation of snaps definitely gets my head nod as some of the coolest.

Vector all the things

Of all the main Creative Suite apps, Adobe Illustrator is probably my weakest. I just haven't found the need to work with it as much as I used to, but I recently started dabbling again just for fun. It's been so long, I've forgotten most of what I did know before, and there are so many new tools, I'm way behind the game. Thankfully, Digital Arts Online has us covered on free tutorials.

CC stands for cash crusher

Ok, that was a horrible pun, but you try to find a better way acronym to explain how it feels when Adobe decides to raise it's prices again. If you're like me at all, you've probably looked at alternatives to the massive monthly expense of Creative Cloud but been disillusioned... until now. 

Going long in 2019

Last week on the Art Lessons Podcast, Adam and I took a look back on 2018, decided it could have been better and looked ahead into what's going to make 2019 the best year ever. Adam didn't read his notes, so we shot from the hip and went WAY long (but good) on that and other topics.

How you know when it's time to make a change

There's probably a moment in your life where you felt like you needed to make a dramatic change in how or where you work, or what you work on, but you might have ignored it for whatever reason. Maybe what you need is to hear the stories of others who probably felt like you feel now, and maybe that's the thing that gets you off your butt and into the next stage of whatever it is you're meaning to move on.

Layered paintings by Betsy Walton

I saw this post on Colossal featuring artist Betsy Walton, and her work took me right back to art school. Not that I was anywhere as good as Walton in college, quite the contrary, but her work reminded me of the moment when my perception of what art could be totally changed. I'm going to write about that more this coming week, but for reference material, please immerse yourself in Watson's beautiful work. 


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Until next time, be good today.

Be even better tomorrow.