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Here we go again, another week, another bunch of links to kill time and feed your creative soul, and there's some really good stuff this time around. 

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We all die alone

I fell prey to the hype. I watched and listened as the gurus told me that legacy was more important than anything else, but what if we do all the things necessary and the world ends up forgetting about us anyway? Was it all worth it? Perhaps it would be if what we strove for was not legacy, but happiness, and showed that to the world.

A perfect creative storm of ideas

When one creative business podcaster invites another creative business podcaster onto their show, the result has the potential of being a cacophonous echo chamber of ideas that we've all heard before. Then again, it could be the perfect culmination of ideas that hit you exactly where you need it most. That was the case when Andy Miller of Creative Pep Talk invited Kathy Heller of Don't Keep Your Day Job on to chat. I can't recommend this episode enough. 

Art Lessons with Julie Richardson

Speaking of creative podcasts featuring creative people, I invited my friend Julie Richardson of to come talk about the brand overhaul she gave to her already successful business. 

Pinterest 100 Trends for 2019

I'm not big on "trends" posts because they usually end up generating more glut in already crowded categories. However, Pinterest went super deep into their annual trends post for 2019, and I believe there are some serious gems to be taken away from this one, especially if you combine some of these trends together to make something new. Anyone into photos of beautiful couples extending out hands while holding French Bulldogs in front of the neon glow of minimalist abstracts?

NEW FEATURE! Artist of the week

In an effort to share the wealth of beauty that I stumble across in my Instagram feed, I'm going to feature a different artist each week, and this time I'm sharing a young artist out of London, Ewan Keenan. I found him via an editorial post, but he was the featured illustrator in a Russian magazine, and I was immediately struck by his loose yet complex style. Check Ewan on Instagram.

It's Nice That designers come together

What you like about design may not be what I like about design, but does that make you more right than me (probably not)? No, and I'm not more right than you (probably am), but it is interesting to read about different designers discussing the state of design; specifically brand identity.

"I don't have enough time to make stuff"

I've been making an effort to use my idle time to make things instead of waste time on mindless apps or games. The result has been more interesting than I expected. Although I added a little Conrey grunge to this one afterward, the majority of this one was created entirely on my iPhone. Tell me again about your excuses why you can't make things.

I've been doing it wrong

I have tried over and over and over and over ... what was I saying? Oh right, I have tried so many different times to keep important notes in notebooks, journals, and sketchbooks, but usually forget them soon after. Apparently, I should have been drawing my ideas instead of writing them down.

Look at the big brain on Matthias

That would be Matthias Bavitz, also known as Aesop Rock, highly regarded as one of the most lyrical hip hop artists of all time. Actually, he is the most lyrical, according to a study by The Pudding, where they ranked dozens of the most notable rappers based on their lyrical prowess. Sorry, all you Boogie wit da Hoodie fans. 


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