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Here I go again, testing the release date on you. Yes, it's Tuesday, and that's not normal, but hey, who likes normal anyway?

Ok seriously, I appreciate you being ok with my experimentation on when this newsletter goes live, but I'm trying to see if we can get this readership more alert and engaged. We'll do this one on Tuesday for a few issues and see how that works out.

Good thing there's a boatload of good stuff in this issue of theARTicle.

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When you find the ONE

I've been working more diligently to increase my reach on Instagram lately, nothing too crazy, but making it a conscious effort, but the one thing that's a bit of a mystery to me still is hashtags. So this detailed read on the topic is definitely solid study material.

The dark side of the Sponge

Years ago I had the privilege of interviewing Grace Bonney, the founder of After 15 years, she has decided to hang up the brand after this year, and in a conversation with 99u, Grace brings up an interesting idea about how modern brands may not be made for longevity.

We need to talk about this

If you've been paying attention, you'll know that I had a pretty traumatic event happen to me. At the same time, Adam was having a turbulent week of his own, so on this episode of the Art Lessons podcast, we get into that stuff early and it's a much different conversation this time around.

The Unknown 808

Being a young, white, male raised on suburban Orange County, California, it's obvious that my music interest would be rooted in East Coast hip hop. I had an entire crate of 12-inch vinyl EPs one of which I could only remember was called "808 something. That was until the miracle that is the Internet helped me find 808 Beats by The Unknown DJ. 

Artist of the week: Michael Lavorgna

I have a local artist friend, Dave Clark. He happens to quietly be one of the biggest art collectors I know, buying art from all kinds of local artists, so he's a sure shot when it comes to finding new talent. So when he told me about Michael Lavorgna's work, I knew it would be something unique.

I want to meet the other 47%

Someone did a study that says a slight majority of people surveyed say that having art on the walls in the workplaces makes for happier co-workers. 100% of the creative people surveyed after reading this study said, "No duh!" 

Art gallery business 101

You know how they say the best way to make a small fortune as a gallerist is to start with a large fortune. That phrase probably was written for this woman who wrote a book about running an art gallery shortly before closing it down.

Getting into the nitty gritty

Yes, it's another time-lapse of my design process, but this time instead of rambling near incoherently about a topic unrelated to the subject of the art, I actually tell you how I made the poster, start to finish. 

Design list of lists

Here's what I promise. If you ever wanted to know more about design essentials, and you read through the nooks and crannies of this post, you'll never look at things the same way again.


Think you know yourself?

Prove it by writing your name in a different hand-lettered way each day this week. Serif, sans-serif, slab-serif, cursive, blackletter, abstract, sign-painter style, block letters, dingbats, or whatever you see fit, but you can't just write your name. Put some artistic energy into it and make the letters say something interesting about you. I'll let you decide what that is. When you're done, share it on your social media. It can be in the feed, or in your Instastories. Just remember to use the tag #TheArticleChallenge and tag me (@daveconrey).

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