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Do we use our powers for good or evil

Creative people have an advantage over those who are not creative, and it's not just that we get to make cooler things, but also in how we approach problem-solving. However, there are many sides to creative ideas, some of which can lead down a destructive path. It's all about how you wield your power.

Oscar Wild

I don't watch awards shows anymore, mostly because we've cut the cable tv cord, but also because I find them to be vapid and sensationalist celebrations of individuals who really do not need any more praise (unless you're Mahershala Ali). Despite my views, people watch the Oscars more than most other things on TV, and I believe it's the chaotic spectacle that they have become, but are they really a spectacle, or more like a mirror of our modern society?

Become street-wise for better snaps

I walk around my city a lot, mostly for exercise, but also because there are so many things near me within walking distance. One thing I like to do while I'm walking is to find opportunities to take photos where I can, but I'd like to get better at it. Street photography may seem easy, but it's might be the most difficult genre strictly because your subject may only be in the frame for a moment. Photographer Jacqui Palumbo gives us tips on how to grab those moments when they show up.

Flattened 3rd or 7th

If you're a fan of jazz, then you're probably a fan of Blue Note Records. If you're not a fan of jazz, but a fan of design, then you might be a fan of Blue Note Records. The name Reid Miles may not mean much to you, but I guarantee you that his work has touched you in some way, either directly through his album cover designs, or indirectly by his influence on the graphic design industry. Either way, he's worth noting...in a slightly different pitch than others.

A visceral desire to spend ridiculous money

The moment I saw the first glimpse of the vibrant quilt work of Bisa Butler, I knew I was going to end up sharing it here with you, and also finding a way to hoard money away to end up buying one myself. I want to walk into my room and see this sprawled across the bed every night.

+ Butler should do a dual show with Kehinde Wiley and put pillows all over the floor.

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