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Ok, I'm actually ahead of the game this week, which is both amazing and unanticipated. This one kicks off with a story that really got under my skin, but I could be wrong about it. I'd like to see what you think. Make sure you share your thoughts about it by replying. 

Welcome to theARTicle.

Beating up a 2-year old

I do not discount this young toddler's ability to see art in ways that some cannot. I also am not upset that her parents are trying to celebrate her work the best way they can. That said, I can't wrap my head around boosting the value or prominence of a young girl's art when there are so many talented artists who are looking for a break but can't get one because gallerists like this would rather bank on sensationalism than craft. This young girl just loves making art, which is great and I hope she continues for the rest of her life, but she can't possibly grasp what's happening around her, which makes this all and exploitative act.

A new normal

Let's be honest, there's nothing normal about the art industry. It's a unique beast that is driven more by speculation than even the stock market itself. It's more about who you know and how much you can afford than about celebrating the work of great art, but something in the air says that it's all about to change. Major galleries and art shows are finally getting a substantial push back from the fringe, and it may change how we buy art.

Not without a sense of irony

Saatchi Art is doing its part to celebrate women for the entire month, both with a dedicated campaign called Refuse to be the Muse, celebrating the work of 6 artists on their platform, but there's also an interesting serious of female artist exposés that deserve your attention. It's great that Saatchi is celebrating women, especially considering their founder's history.

KAWS and effect

How does an artist go from hijacking bus stop ads with graffiti to playing fashion footsies with brands like NIKE and Dior? It really comes down to who you know, and who you meet next, which is almost as disheartening as it is inspiring.

AOTW - Jessa Dupuis

Jessa hails from Vancouver, BC and aside from crafting some of the most lovely collage pieces I've seen in a while, I also appreciate her because of her affinity for old paper, craft beer, palm trees, and sour cream and onion chips. Check out her work on her minimalist yet lovely website and her Instagram.


"F-Bombs are complimentary"

Do you know Ash Ambridge? If not, you should, but you better not be sensitive to fast-flying expletives and casually tossed middle fingers. Ash is a business consultant, writer, and damn funny individual, with a personal style unlike anyone else I've ever had the pleasure of meeting (Skype counts). So when Ash, who I consider one of the most talented writers I know, pens a post about the effectiveness of creative writing and how it's helped her win, I am definitely paying attention. (warning: fierce language)

Wake Me Up

If I had any pieces in my current collection that were indicative of a Bauhaus aesthetic, it would be this one. Not that it's a perfect adaptation (because it's not), but it falls within the constructs, I believe. You'll be the judge though. If you read through the listing, you'll see that I wasn't thinking that when I started. Still, I think Walter Gropius would be ok with it.

Bauhausian redux

There are design movements, and then there is Bauhaus. Arguably the most celebrated and revered design movement of the last century, the Bauhaus design era changed the way we make things, and those changes are still in effect today. So when 99Designs challenged their designers to make Bauhaus tributes versions of current contemporary brands, many jumped at the opportunity.


Bad design is almost instantly recognizable, but other times you have to experience it first hand to understand it. These popular aluminum chairs can be found in hip, new restaurants all over, because they are relatively cheap, and they are aesthetically pleasing, but they absolutely SUCK to sit in. I'm going to share this article in a Yelp review of any restaurant I come across that uses these modern-day torture devices.

Tilting at windmills

Most of the time, Youtube's suggestion algorithm fails me miserably, but every once in a while, it sneaks in a total gem. 

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