I'm hustling less these days

This week is going to be a little light, mostly because as I write this, I'm supposed to be working on my taxes. As much as I love you guys, the IRS wants their pound of flesh, so I need to get on the ball with it. Don't fret though, I wouldn't leave you without your own juicy meat to chew on.

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Bury the Hustle

"The truth is you’re going to die, and it’ll be sooner rather than later, the more feverishly you devote your existence to the hustle and its grind. Life is tragically short that way." This from an important post by Basecamp's own DHH, on pushing back against the trend of hustle porn.

File Under: Tell me something I didn't know

After my rant last week about the toddler artist who was having her work sold at a gallery, one reader sent me this story that shows empirical evidence that to succeed in the art world, it really is about who you know, and the earlier you are introduced to influential galleries and dealers, the more likely you'll become a massive success (Thanks for the link, Nurulhuda).

Elton John puts QTip in his ears

But of course, Sir Elton listens to A Tribe Called Quest and considers them one of the most important hip hop groups ever. And knowing that there's a collaboration between Elton John and QTip just makes my heart swell. It's the coming together of two of the greatest musical inspirations in my life. We're living in utopian times.

Binge shopping from the toilet

I read the news the other day that Instagram was going all-in on shopping, which was expected. Then I was flipping through the Explore section of the app and flipped over to the Shopping tab, where it usually shows me items I can buy pretty easily within a few clicks. NOW though, for some of those items, I won't even need to leave the app, which should be really scary for Amazon.

Creatives to watch

I have a love/hate relationship with art and design magazine, It's Nice That. Even though they do a good job shedding light on creatives that you might never have seen before, they also have a tendency to pick from a small-ish circle of styles and trends. Even though I roll my eyes often with many of their posts, because it's more of the same stuff I've seen already, this in-depth post gives some redemption—a solid list of current creatives who will change the way we look at art and design.

And that's going to do it for this edition. I'll be back next week with a more robust selection of juicy bits to chew one. If you enjoyed this list, please make sure to share it with friends.

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