Pushing the reality of fiction

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Pushing the reality of fiction

So what do you do, as a writer of political fiction, when the current state of affairs already seems like a bad James Patterson novel? For author Tom Rosenstiel, the answer comes in the form of upgrading your level of cynicism. In other words, just toss pragmatism right out the window.

The "cake" is a lie

Watching this make-up artist transform herself into entirely new people; it's no wonder I have trust issues.

Picking up the gauntlet

Design superstar and now New York Times bestselling author, James Victore wrote a book called Feck Perfuction. As part of his effort to encourage a certain level of creative independence, he introduced what he called the "Feck Challenge. Being a fan of James' work, and his writing, I was inclined to participate.

Pay up or stop complaining (note to self)

I had a Wall Street Journal story I wanted to share with you about this history of 8 top fashion brands. It was a fascinating article and I was excited to share, but then it went behind the WSJ paywall (if you're a subscriber, you should seek it out). I cursed my browser for taking the story away from me, but then I remembered I'm trying to not be such an a-hole.

This is something I run across often when I'm finding articles to share with you, and as much as I want to share articles from the WSJ, Washington Post, New York or Los Angeles Times, I hold back because I want to make sure you have access, but that's the wrong way to look at this issue.

Top notch journalism should NOT be free, and I (we) should put up (dollars) or shut up about it. [end ideological rant]

Goals & Growth

Art Lessons, Episode 48

Continuing on from the last couple solo episodes, where I broke down all the things I'm focusing on, and how they work together; this episode is about how I'm measuring my goals and growth strategy.

It's not as easy as this

I'm torn about featuring this story. One one hand, it's a solid story of a true artist who is making her own rules and taking them all the way to the bank. On the other hand, it's another one of these stories that give a lot of false hope that all you need to become rich and famous is a camera and a YouTube account. That said, I've watched Sorelle Amore's videos for a while now, and I dig her style so much, it's only fair to give her credit where it's due.

AOTW - Anja Kroencke

I appreciate many types of illustration, but if you held a Rotring Rapid Pro to my neck and told me to pick a style, I would definitely say that minimalistic figurative work is my favorite. That's why I love Anja's work; simple, consistent line work executed beautifully and tells a story of each lady she illustrates. See more of Anja's work on Instagram or her website.


A new approach to waxing the furniture

Now I know what to to do with the 47 lbs. of half-used crayons that my son has stashed in different boxes around his room. Someone have any cracked, post-war era, Danish furniture they don't want anymore?

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