Full Metal Conrey

I was a very busy boy this week. Not only did I post a new podcast episode with Adam Luedicke of The Poster List, but i wrote a lengthy blog post about the future of my art, and even got around to making a video about Instagram hacks and being happy. On top of that, I made some new art works, finished up some client projects, and got some form of exercise almost ever single day.

Long story short, I’m tired. It’s Sunday, and I’m gonna go take a nap.

Welcome to theARTicle (truncated for the blog)

Finding my opinion

I have some strong views when it comes to politics, but I also know that my strong views tend to disenfranchise some, especially when I use my art to hit them over the head with my personal agenda. I don't do that anymore (much), but there are times when I would like to express my views in a way that is both creatively adventurous but gets the message across in a tasteful and unique way.

Call me the Wizard for Logic

I'm not sure when the trend of unique job titles started, but it's funny to read some of the things people call themselves professionally. It's even funnier to constantly refresh DesignTitles.com to see what kind of wacky titles it can generate (Hat tip to ARTicle loyalist JP for the link on this one).

The consistencies of taupe

I finally was able to get Adam to commit to recording again, and he does not disappoint in this episode of Art Lessons. We talk about selling online vs. selling face-to-face. We also discuss how to interpret changes in our work and business, and how sometimes de-escalation can be the most beneficial thing for your creative business.

"Perfect MacDonald's Hamburger" is an oxymoron

I'm not sure if illustrator Tom Sach's was bored while working his bridge job at Mickey-Ds, but his interpretation of MacDonald's graphic standards and signage is genius. I'm suddenly craving french fries and a vanilla shake.

This post is very classy

One of my favorite creative resources is My Modern Met, but this might be one of their best posts written this year; a curation of online classes to help you get as creatively endowed as possible. Personally, I've got my eye on the Mixed-Media Embroidery, because nothing says Dave like BOHO thread craft.

What I'm reading

My current book recommendation is Feck Perfuction by James Victoré, a designer and poster artist working from Austin, Texas area, by way of New York City. This is another quick read, and borders somewhere between practical application of creative ideas and a philosophical journey. It's also chock full of interesting art pieces created by the man himself

Hacked and Happy

It's been a minute since my last upload to YouTube, and I plan on getting better with that (make sure to subscribe) starting with this new video where I share the single most important Instagram hack ever for anyone who cannot stand how the platform actively tries to destroy text formatting. If you're anything like my son, this video will make you LOL for real.

AOTW - Patrick Thomas

I've made some critical remarks about the current state of graphic design, where many of the rules are being tossed out for the sake of what I would call purposeful awkwardness. The trend is rampant, but there are a few artists out there making the most of the current design styles, and one of the best is Patrick Thomas. He's still breaking rules but doing it the right way.

The cure for drive-time radio

One of the things I did last weekend was set up a couple of new playlists for my streaming account, both focused on music from my past. I definitely find it much easier to default to the music tastes of my past, because finding new music I actually enjoy can be such a chore. Well, Lifehacker has the remedy for that situation.

That’ll do it for this edition of theARTicle. If you’re reading on the blog, there’s some things you missed that are exclusive for newsletter subscribers. If you don’t want to miss out next week, make sure to subscribe below.

On that note,