Time to make the donuts

If you're old like me, you might remember Fred the Baker, the iconic spokesman for Dunkin Donuts, and his catch phrase was, "Time to make the donuts."

Fred had one job: Make the donuts, two times a day. He has a job, and he gets to work.

Adam and I, on the other hand, just like to sit around and indulge on the spoils of Fred's efforts. Yes, today is the episode you've been eagerly anticipating. We figure out once and for all, the difference between and Old Fashioned and a Cruller, or so we thought.

We also talk about politics and how it relates to commerce, and how someone can take something as temporary as voting and turn it into a successful side hustle.

There's also a chat about learning to be happy and satisfied with a certain level of business hustle that satisfies but doesn't kill your creative spirit.

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