Ghosts of Art Lessons Past, Present, and Future

In today’s episode, we wrap 2018 up in a box and tie it up with a big, tidy bow. After this, we’re laying the pod down for a long, holiday nap so I can focus on bringing it back in January, bigger and better than ever.

This time is just me on the mic, and I get into some things I’ve been thinking about lately regarding all the things I’m working on. I dive into what I’ve done in the recent past, what I’m current working on in the present tense, and also what the future of everything looks like from my current position.

I talk about the podcast, the newsletter, the rejuvenated blogging, and of course, the art and design projects. I also talk about how you can possibly be involved, so you’re going to want to stick around for that.

A lot of big things planned for 2019, and I lay some serious groundwork. I hope you get to join us on the journey, and if I can encourage you do do anything, it’s to sign up for the newsletter so you stay informed about it all.

That said, the newsletter is not just some massive push for more of my stuff. In fact, it’s going to more of the creative things I find around the internet that might help you do your work better, and it may even possibly include you, if you think you’ve got the chops. Sign up today at and I’ll start dropping new issues in January.

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