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Season 4 Finale

I'm declaring this month Make Stuff May, and will be putting the podcast and YouTube videos aside for the reminder of the month, but not before I go on a rant about a few things that I've been thinking about lately. 

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Art collector kills artists

In this week's episode, I'm flying solo again, and discussing what I feel is one of the biggest problems with creative world, and it has to do with what we do and don't do for other creative people. What might happen, I imagine, if we stopped only streaming our music and actually bought from the ones we admired most?

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How the sausgage gets made

Last week, I spoke about all the projects getting my attention—the art, the newsletter, and this podcast. This time I go deep on how I plan on making all the things work together, in concert with one another, to help propel all things forward. At least that’s the plan.

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Enough is Enough

Another solo episode because sometimes there just isn't enough time to do all the things we want to do. Adam wanted to be here but life gets in the way. And it's with that idea that I'm talking about all of us being enough for all we are trying to accomplish.

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Season 4Dave ConreyComment
Going long into 2019

This is definitely the longest Adam & Dave episode to date. It’s been a few weeks since we got to hang out, so we had a lot to talk about, both from a catching up point of view, but also just to hash out ideas that have been percolating in our heads since before Christmas.

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