The man without a plan

In today’s episode, Dave is flying solo because of unforeseen circumstances. Instead of witty banter between him and Adam, or someone else; today is all Dave, ALL NIGHT!

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Dave Conrey
I'm back, and I brought a friend along

Yes, it's been awhile, but the Art Lessons podcast is back in operation, and a little healthier than before. This episode is unlike any you may have heard hear before, but I promise you'll enjoy it, because I brought my friend Adam Luedicke (loo-di-kuh) from The Poster List. I encourage you to hang out and listen in on what we share.

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Dave ConreyComment
Give More to Get More

There's an alarming trend among creatives, specifically when it comes to certain platforms like Patreon. These creatives are treating the platform as just another exchange of money for goods, but they are missing the point of subscriber based patronage.

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