Beach Cities

Beach Cities

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This one is a nod to a former life, my first foray into selling on this platform. If you knew me back then, this will be an small, head nod between us.

I've lived in California all my life, and the only time I didn't live near the beach, I did everything I could to get back. I love the sand, surf, and ocean air so much I feel it's part of my DNA. I also love the way our cities run right up to the shore, where transplanted palms separate the modernist structures from the sandy boardwalk below.

I also know that there are others who feel the same about their locale. You don't have to be in California to appreciate beach culture. Whether you're in Long Island, Jersey Shore, Ocean City, Cape Hatteras, Savannah, Palm Beach, Marco Island, Tampa, Biloxi, West Beach, The Cajun Riviera, Corpus Christi, or Honolulu; I know you know the feeling.

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• Available in two sizes: 12x18" and 24x36"
• Museum-quality posters made on durable, matte paper
• Printed on thick, archival, acid-free paper
• Posters are printed on demand as soon as you order
• Shipped in a sturdy, cardboard tube for protection

This piece is produced as is. I do not offer any customization of colors, sizes, or any changes to the design.

I can provide design services if you would like me to build you a poster from scratch, but understand that it will be based on a rate or $125.00 per hour. Yep, I'm just that good [cheeky].

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Because this item is printed on demand, things take a little longer to arrive. Please make sure you are ok with these delivery times before ordering.

• United States orders: Approximately 6-8 business days
• Canadian orders: Approximately 7-10 business days
• International Orders: Can take up to 3 weeks

I cannot be responsible for what gets held up in customs, or additional taxes and duties placed upon the item.

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All designs are original and copyrighted by me, Dave Conrey. I retain all reproduction rights and copyrights. Unauthorized copy or reproduction of this or any of my art, in any form, is prohibited. Sale of print does not reflect transfer of copyright.