state of flux


I only we could take a time machine back to all the iterations of this domain, it might shock you how different this place is than it used to be, but surprisingly very similar. It's always been a showcase of whichever projects I'm working on, and there's also always been some aspect of journaling, advice giving, and truth telling. The wallpaper may be different now, but the foundation is pretty much the same.

This space is all about the musings, rants, raves, offerings, and random selfies that I decide to push out into the world. My goal is to share the words that I’m writing, the art I’m creating, and the inspiration that helps others get the results they need in their own work.

As a writer and artist, I’ve created this space to showcase my work, and allow people to keep up to date with all the work I’m doing. It is my goal to not only produce creative writing and art projects on a regular basis, but also dedicate lots of time to sharing experience and wisdom with you.

I’m Dave Conrey. I’m an artist, designer, author, and podcaster, and I’m using this site to share all the parts of my creative world with you. Make sure you sign up for the newsletter, because you don’t want to miss out on any of the killer updates. You can do that below.

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